Connor Linfoot

Network Developer @ Hypixel

Currently creating games and services for the Hypixel Network.


Hypixel Network June 2017 - Present

Network Developer - Java, Node JS, MongoDB & MySQL.

At Hypixel my primary role is to develop games and systems for the network.

While at Hypixel I've also built Hytrack, a site for tracking player counts in different games and modes.

You can check out the Hypixel Network at

Fortnite Black

Developer - Java & MongoDB.

Stats tracking website for the popular game; Fortnite Battle Royale. Features stats per player, leaderboards and more.

Fortnite Black is no longer available.


Developer - Node JS & MySQL.

Orignally known as Jarvis, Calypso is a feature rich Discord bot. That includes features such as YouTube playback, game statistics and other random/fun commands!

You can add Calypso to your Discord server by visiting

Cove Network September 2015 - July 2016

Owner + Lead Developer - Java, Node JS & MySQL.

Cove Network was a custom coded Minecraft mini-game server. With multiple years of work put into the codebase and multiple name iterations it finally opened in November 2015.

Unfortunately due to not having the funds to keep Cove Network running it was closed in mid 2016.


Sole Developer - Java.

With the goal of being the best crates plugin for Bukkit & Spigot; CratesPlus was created in March 2015 as a free plugin for server owners to easily offer crates on their servers.

After many updates and improvements CratesPlus is standing at version 4 with over 200,000 downloads, and over 2,500 unique servers currently running the plugin.

ESP Projects August 2013 - June 2017

Software Developer - PHP, Node JS, Javascript, MySQL, Classic ASP & MSSQL.

At ESP Projects I worked on many projects. Below is a list of just a few tasks that I was responsible for:

  • Developing PHP WordPress Plugins.
  • Updating of legacy internal systems, using Classic ASP and MSSQL.
  • Supporting clients via email and phone communication.
  • Creating unique client to server software using Node JS.
  • Managing of hosting infrastructure, primarily based on Linux.


If you're looking to get in touch with me, you can use one of the following: